Become a Board Member

Apply to be a part of the Students Talking Out Problems Inc. Board of Directors.

The board provides an opportunity to impact and empower youth through the development of programming. The board is normally comprised of between 6-12 people. The board has the responsibility to administer the dollars raised for service-learning and community impact projects that break the changes of youth oppression.

Board Members are selected through an application process. All applications are read and reviewed internally to ensure that the most qualified applicants are selected as members of the board. If you are not selected to be a part of the board for this particular year we welcome to reapply as a Board Review occurs annually. In addition, upon review you will receive a determination letter informing you of the status of your application.

Commitment expected of the Board Members

The Board’s work is handled through in-person meetings at a predetermined location in Metro- Atlanta. The expectation is that all board members will commit the allotted time per month to board activities.