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A Vibrant History

Since the launch of the program S.T.O.P. in 2006, its humble origins have evolved into the nonprofit business that is thriving today.  S.T.O.P. – Students Talking Out Problems concept was developed by a team of students whose need for change was accommodated by creating a forum where students can stop negative problems and talk out their issues.


As the cofounder, a simple school program would soon manifest into something of grandeur due to the instrumental vision of Evan McCullough. His diligence transformed the program into an organization that would not dissipate after graduation from D.M. Therrell High School.

After Evan received a nomination for ICIC’s Growing Up CEO where he was able to network with other young inner city entrepreneurs worldwide the trajectory for the program changed. During the program he met a Youth Venture ambassador from California. After being informed of the wonderful program that assisted young visionaries S.T.O.P. moved forward with completing the competitive application process we received a congratulatory selection letter.  


“As a result of your outstanding venture idea and presentation, the Youth Venture selection panel selected you as a Youth Venture team, and we are proud to have you join our growing movement of young leaders.”


Youth Venture disseminated grant money for the start-up of the program to help fund its works. For the duration of the cofounders’ junior and senior year in high school they effectively lead programs that inspired change and encouraged benevolence in our community.


Youth Venture provided the grant amount in two installments to insure that appropriate use of funds. The second installment is given after the Venturers provide their evaluation and show proof of all spending expenditures. The Youth Venture grant that totaled $1,000.00, in two installments of $500.00; along with multiple fundraising efforts ensure the success of early events as well as securing corporate governance as a non-profit organization. That $1000 investment in 2007 continues to represent the power that a small investment can create when focusing on breaking the chain of oppression in youth’s lives.

Our company timeline


The Birth of a Vision



(From left to right: Deanna Lee, Jerry Parker, Janikqua Cutno, and Evan McCullough)

Program Co-Founders


24 Sept. 2007

Youth Venture Grant Awarded

21 Oct. 2007

In partnership with the Key Club

we participated in AIDS WALK ATLANTA.



31 Oct. 2007

Seminar at JCY Middle School


jcy logoweb

7 Dec. 2007

Coat Drive at Carter G. Woodson Elementary in conjunction with the Atlanta Chapter of Continental Societies, Inc.


Continental Societies, Inc.- Atlanta Chapter


Theatrical Production “Can You Walk in My Shoes”



24 April 2009

March of Dimes


March of dimes

22 Sept. 2009

Non-Profit Exempt Status

19 Oct. 2009

Aids Walk Atlanta



31 Jan. 2013

Therrell High School Speaking Engagement




27 Jan. 2015

Therrell High School Career Prep Workshop



6 Jun. 2015

Peace Rally Concert 2015




Peace Rally Concert

18 July 2015

BCG Thrive Tour



1 Aug. 2015

2015 Supply the Youth program



10 Oct. 2015

Metro Atlanta Chapter of Voorhees College Scholarship Luncheon



12 Nov. 2015

SocialGeorgia Ribbon Cutting


Social Georgia Ribbion Cutting

27 Feb. 2016

DST Henry County Chapter Financial Fortitude



12 Mar. 2016

ASAC DST Code RED Youth Entrepreneurship Experience



29 Mar. 2016

Real Deal Community Broadcast



6 Apr. 2016

8th Annual Dr. Daniel S. Blumenthal Public Health Summit



11 May 2016

Speaking to EF Atlanta




Based In Atlanta

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Services For

S.T.O.P. Inc.

Program Offerings

We are happy to represent positive change as we present innovative ideas and challenge the thoughts of you to inspire them to break the chains of oppression prohibiting them from the realization of their success.