The founding ideal of Students Talking Out Problems Inc. is the concept that mentoring doesn't have to occur just between adult and youth. Peer leadership should occur on every level to inspire the younger generation so they can learn from the rich experiences and avoid the same obstacles and mistakes of others.


It has been proven that youth are more prone to take direction from other youth as some youth believe the notion that their peers are well rounded more so than their adult counterparts. We use this frame of thought in order to impact youth using their peers as disseminators of wisdom. A generation model of leadership exposes youth to the idea of giving back while refreshing those who mentor as they constantly are immerse in a fellowship among their age. We find that inspiration is not only gained through the older role models but also by the positive influence that the leadership exhibits through the actions of their mentees.


Fostering this relationship takes time and there is a commitment necessary to assist with the guidance in the generational mentorship model. The demand is high for pillars in the community who can join such a movement. If you are interested in a level of leadership that authoritatively governs this process to ensure success please contact us.