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Theatrical Production “Can You Walk in My Shoes”

  • A Play is a perfect medium that will resonate with youth, explaining why it is imperative to break the chains that have oppressed our youth.  Adolescent crime has increased as well as the suicide rate. This play dealt with real issues and engaged youth in every aspect of production providing a positive alternative for youth.  In life teens are faced with many challenges. Some they learn to overcome and others that have hindered them from making that next step in life. Stop was created by a group of teens who feel that it is our job to first be an example and to encourage others to be a pillar in their communities. This play is about the many hardships of life. This play will teach the audience the need to make better decisions, effects of peer pressure, over coming low self-esteem and why judging others is bad. Please support our vision; encouraging students to make better decisions, helping others deal with negative situations, promoting the advancement of education and influencing positive leadership.