Our Approach

Our forums are dialogues that discuss issues that have manifested in the lives of students. Our purpose and vision are manifestations of an acknowledgement that no one solution is all encompassing. We believe in making an investment in students’ lives that provides them with the freedom to be themselves. While sharing different perspectives they can make conscious decisions on the next steps, moving thought to action. The strenght of their agendas empowers generations as they take ownership of how they can impact problems perceived to be bigger than their scope.

Our leadership employs best practices to ensure each of our projects will be aligned individually to an evidence-based model. Our core service offering is aligned with the Health Belief Model. 




Students have roles that they ascribe to that identifies how they see themselves in the face of a problem. Where a student places themselves on the role matrix correlates to how serious the problem is to them. Students have obstacles that often diminish the belief that they can conquer the issues because of the concept that these issues are bigger than one individual. However, we understand the power and brilliance behind daring to be different especially when this is used to overcome negativity.  

The only way to break the chains of oppression is to believe a solution is possible. We desire our sessions to be the birth place of these ideas and concepts that will positively shape the way we deal with negative situations. In delivery of these amazing concepts it is our goal to inspire and affirm the power of youth. Not only can they implement these solutions we aim to identify resources so these resolutions can be implemented and sustained. It is only when a vast array of solutions are implemented that we can get closer to eliminating the oppression that limit youth from evolving into adult change makers.